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American Lift Aids also offers Ricon lifts available through VMI. Ricon wheelchair lifts for vehicles can make almost any full-size van a wheelchair accessible van. Each type of lift offers a variety of features, from high payload capacity to unobstructed views, seating and doorways. With a variety of options available, one of VMI's wheelchair lifts is sure to offer everything you need. These innovative handicap lifts include the Fiorella F500, Slide-Away, Clearway, KlearVue, Reliant, UNI-Lite, and S-Series. For more information or a personal demonstration, contact either of Texas locations today.

reliant wheelchair lift

Ricon Reliant Wheelchair Lift

Heavy Duty Lifting Reliant is the perfect wheelchair lift for budget-minded consumers because it offers a low initial and lifetime cost. Its all-steel frame is easy to repair and unlikely to break down thanks to its mechanical simplicity and time-tested design. This mobility product sets the stan...

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klearvue wheelchair lift

Ricon KlearVue Wheelchair Lift

Bi-Fold Platform With a platform that folds on a horizontal axis, the KlearVue wheelchair lift provides an unobstructed view out the windows of the vehicle. This wheelchair accessory offers a quiet ride and is ideal for rear-mounting, but works great in any position on conversions without a raise...

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clearway wheelchair lift

Ricon Clearway Wheelchair Lift

Easy Access The Ricon Clearway is a fully-automatic split platform wheelchair lift that folds up and out of the way at the push of a button, offering complete access to the vehicle interior. This wheelchair accessory is the most popular side-mounted wheelchair lift solution on the market because ...

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slide-away wheelchair lift

Ricon Slide-Away Wheelchair Lift

Slide Away Slide-Away is a fully-automatic, folding platform wheelchair lift that allows full motion of the front passenger seat. This mobility product offers the strength of a dual-post hydraulic lift with the flexibility of a single-post lift. Its sliding second tower travels forward to create ...

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