Patient Lifts

Handicare Patient Lifts

Safety, affordability and peace of mind. It’s the lift we give when you can’t.

Designed with the caregiver in mind, Handicare ceiling lifts are perfect for both home use and in healthcare settings. Our ceiling lift systems provide a new sense of confidence to even the toughest patient transfers. Handicare manufactures a complete line of portable, fixed, free standing and bariatric ceiling lifts.

When you’re looking for a permanent solution, Handicare fixed ceiling lifts are the answer. Offered in five weight capacities, we’ve got you covered.

A-Series Ceiling Lift

Built on the proven technology of the Handicare C-Series, the new A-450 and A-625 ceiling lifts raise patient handling to the next level. Increase patient protection with antimicrobial materials. Simplify patient transfers with its tilting design. Easily access real-time data and diagnostics. Handicare’s A-Series ceiling lifts give you the advantage in safe patient handling.

C-450 Fixed Ceiling Lift

The smallest in its class, the C-450 out lifts the big boys with its 450 lb capacity. It’s quiet and smooth, and can be operated by a single caregiver for even the most complex or difficult patient transfers. Featuring waterproof pneumatic controls, on-board controls, and a digital display and emergency power lowering, the C-450 is a tiny titan with the muscle to perform comfort and safety in even the most demanding clinical environments.

C-625 Fixed Ceiling Lift

No more struggling uphill. Instead, the C-625 has a quiet operation that almost feels like a ride up the slopes. Powerful and compact, its innovative features include a digital display, programmability and modular design for easy maintenance. Built to operate with the quiet of a snowy hillside, the C-625 can lift and carry an impressive 625 lbs and features quick lifting speed, emergency stop and emergency power lowering on lift. Designed for safety and ease of operation, the C-625 provides a smooth and effortless transfer that’s safe for both patient and caregiver and makes even the rough slopes a trip on the bunny hill.

C-800 Bariatric Ceiling Lift

Smooth. At the press of a button, the C-800 lifts, positions or transfers a patient with the speed, comfort, safety and smoothness you might expect in a luxury sedan’s ride. A technologically advanced ceiling lift, the C-800 eliminates the need for task-specific floor lifts. It can be operated by a single caregiver in both institutional and home settings and incorporates leading–edge safety features that reduce the injuries resulting from handling patients.

C-1000 Bariatric Ceiling Lift

Some situations call for more than an ordinary ceiling lift. When faced with a challenge too great for any other ceiling lift, the C-1000 is there to save the day. Offering confidence in caring for bariatric patients and their unique needs, the C-1000’s impressive 1000 lb capacity is the lifting and transfer hero for patients who exceed the capacity of lesser lifts, providing safety and dignity for both patient and caregivers.

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