Ricon KlearVue Wheelchair Lift

Ricon KlearVue Wheelchair Lift

Bi-Fold Platform

With a platform that folds on a horizontal axis, the KlearVue wheelchair lift provides an unobstructed view out the windows of the vehicle. This wheelchair accessory offers a quiet ride and is ideal for rear-mounting, but works great in any position on conversions without a raised roof.

Advancing lift usability to a dynamic new level, the KlearVue™ platform lift offers a unique horizontal fold to allow an unobstructed view from inside or outside the vehicle without requiring a raised roof or lowered floor. No vehicle modification is needed thanks to advanced engineering that allows a longer 51” platform to fit in a shorter 48” door.

Features of the KlearVue wheelchair lift include:

  • Quiet lift stowage without rattling
  • Minimized blind spots due to compact, fold-in-half design
  • Accommodations for longer lift platforms inside a standard door opening


  •  Automatic inboard/outboard rollstops
  • Stable and compact when stowed
  • Permanent, no-lube bearings at all major  pivot points
  •  Powerful hydraulic pump
  • Built-in manual back-up system

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