Percy Whatley


Percy Whatley

Vice President | Operations

Percy Suragala Whatley, Vice President of Operations at Custom Mobility, has a background that combines deep technical expertise with a commitment to service and faith. Born and raised in southeastern India by minister parents, her early life was steeped in the values of helping others and living a life that honors Christ. These principles have guided her throughout her career and personal life.

Percy completed her master’s in computer science in India, showcasing her early interest and talent in technology. Seeking to further her education and explore new opportunities, she moved to the US in 2015, where she earned a second master’s degree in IT. This step marked the beginning of her career in the technology sector in the United States.




With experience as a front-end developer for Fortune 500 companies such as Ford, Nationwide, and Macy’s, Percy has demonstrated her ability to apply her skills in diverse and challenging environments. Her work in developing user-friendly digital interfaces has had a tangible impact on customers and businesses alike, blending her technical acumen with her drive to serve.

At Custom Mobility, Percy leverages her technical background and her passion for making a difference to oversee operations and contribute to the company’s mission of empowering the mobility-impaired. Her journey from southeastern India to a leadership role in a mission-driven American company reflects her dedication to serving others and her commitment to integrating her faith into her professional endeavors.

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