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EW-REMO Auto-Flex Travel Scooter from EWheels Medical

ew-remo auto-flex travel scooter

The REMO automatically folds in less than 10 seconds with a wireless remote, no disassembly required! This award-winning scooter is the lightest weight, most powerful, fastest long-range automatic folding travel scooter available today! With the push of a button, REMO folds itself and is ready for easy transport. This ultra-lightweight scooter is the ideal travel scooter!

ew-remo scooter folded up

  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • Top speed 5 MPH
  • 16.5" seat width
  • Maximum range up to 13 miles
  • Remote control for auto-folding
  • Front and rear LED lights
  • Rear brake lights
  • Adjustable arm rest
  • Ground clearance 1.7"
  • Electric horn
  • Touch screen electronic control panel
  • Speed deceleration/acceleration controls
  • Electromagentic brakes
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