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Mobility is a right for all here in Athens.  A proud BraunAbility dealer, Custom Mobility is the name folks trust in Georgia. Anyone that has faced logistical transportation issues in the past knows just how tough getting around can be a times. Fortunately, Custom Mobility is ready and prepared to empower all of our friends in the greater Athens area with increased mobility via an outstanding suite of solutions and transportation options.

The best part of this commitment to supporting those who need unique and special transportation solutions? Whether you are an individual who requires a custom van designed specifically for your personal challenges or you represent a company looking to outfit its place of business to be more accessible and considerate of those who need assistance to overcome mobility hurdles, the story never changes: Custom Mobility not only meets these needs, but also excels in every facet of integrating these mobility tools and services into your daily routine.

Stair Lifts in Athens GA

Every home should be a safe home. Is someone you know or in your household having trouble getting up and down the stairs? Don't let stairs be a barrier in your house. We proudly offer Bruno, Handicar, and Harmar stair lifts to conquer your home on every level.

Ready to come see for yourself why so many people turn to Custom Mobility first in the fight for enhanced mobility and greater freedom across the roads and highways of Athens? Then make it a point to check out our commercial and personal mobility solutions at your leisure.

Once you're ready, you can then connect with one of our outstanding mobility experts via (706) 353-1099 to learn even more about this process. From here, it won't be long before you have the perfect solution in place to ensure that the goal of complete mobility and easier transportation for all remains alive and well in your personal life or at your place of business.

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