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Golden Technologies Scooters

Golden expanded into the personal scooter business in 1996. Today, we offer several models of scooters serving a wide range of needs, from the portability of the Buzzaround Lite, Buzzaround XL and LiteRider scooters; to the luxurious appointments of the Companion models; and the outdoor, heavy duty Patriot scooter with a 400 lb. weight capacity and the Avenger four-wheel scooter with a 500 lb. weight capacity.

heavy duty scooters

Heavy Duty Scooters

Rugged, Off-Road Workhorses designed to keep the adventure rolling.

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buzz around travel scooters

Buzzaround Travel Scooters

Offers the most standard features & disassembles in 4 easy steps!

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lightrider scooters

LiteRider Series Scooters

Stylish tubular design, two cargo baskets & easy disassembly

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lightrider scooters

Companion Series Scooters

Enjoy the great outdoors on a luxurious, full-size Companion

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We are running mobile services to consumers, so they can stay in their homes. We will bring vehicles to show for sale. We will pick up and drop off vehicles for work in the shop. Within a certain physical area of the shop.

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