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Let’s be honest: The cost associated with unique mobility solutions designed exclusively for your needs can seem daunting initially. However, Custom Mobility has helped countless members of the Athens community overcome this fear and realize that mobility doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

How do we do this? It all boils down to a potent combination of low prices and a commitment to the best financing options around. Whether you are looking for a custom van, an in-home stair lift, or anything else in between, you can count on our team of finance experts to help you get the financial assistance you need to turn the dream of more mobility into a reality today.

Are you ready to see for yourself how easy it is to get financed at Custom Mobility?

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Grant Information

Did you know that you may be eligible for a grant to help pay for assistive technology and specialized transportation? Thanks to a host of organizations here in Georgia, including the Georgia Client Assistance Program (CAP), the Georgia Department of Labor Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), and the Southeast Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Center, receiving financial aid as an individual with a disability who is in need of home and vehicle modifications has never been easier.

Want to learn even more about these outstanding opportunities to ease the financial burden of enhanced mobility? Then be sure to check out our complete directory of these organizations on the other side of the link below and apply for the grant that works for you today. After doing so, it won’t be long before you find yourself at the helm of a mobility solution from Custom Mobility that lines up perfectly with your unique situation and needs.

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Enjoy More Freedom Than Ever Before with Custom Mobility

As Georgia’s most complete mobility solutions center, Custom Mobility knows a thing or two about bringing enhanced mobility and effective solutions to individuals facing unique challenges and limitations. In fact, given our outstanding track record of pairing innovative solutions to each and every personalized situation, it is safe to say that our team of seasoned mobility experts stands above the competition in virtually every way imaginable.

So just how can Custom Mobility help you? To start, we offer a wide range of wheelchair accessible vans/minivans that are sure to help make your life a little easier as you make your way around Athens, Atlanta, and anywhere in between. If you would rather upgrade your own vehicle, that is no problem at all; Custom Mobility provides access to a variety of products, services, and kits designed to expand your access to increased mobility, including:

  • Scooter and wheelchair lifts
  • Bruno stair lifts
  • Vehicle transfer seating
  • Driving aids
  • Wheelchair restraints
  • Full-size platform lifts
  • Vertical platform lifts
  • BraunAbility, Revability, and VMI conversions

Oh, and did we mention that we also have an ample selection of rental vehicles that provide industry-leading functionality and reliability, all at daily rates that never break your bank?

To put it all simply, your mobility and independence matters to the Custom Mobility team, so we have spent years crafting the perfect solutions to your unique challenges, all while never losing sight of the fact that your budget matters during this important decision-making process.

Are you ready to see why so many in Georgia turn to us first for their mobility needs? Then call (706) 353-1099 today or stop by our convenient Athens location to learn more about how we can help you regain your ability to set out with confidence on the open road.

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