Bus Clean Air Press Kit

Bus Clean Air Press Kit

Custom Mobility has been a leading name in mobility solutions, handicap vehicles and cutting-edge safety technology for consumer and commercial needs for over 30 years. We have extended that offering to include BUSCLEANAIR.COM . As a vendor for the school systems installing and servicing mobility equipment, we saw a need in the industry for air safety and quality. 

Please reference the independent lab test results on our website from Innovative Bioanalysis. Bus Clean Air uses Global Plasma Solutions, Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) technologies to render spaces 99.4% free of Covid-19 particles in your air and on surfaces after only 30 minutes of use.  Other notable results 93.5% rate of reduction in Norovirus, 92.2% rate of reduction in MRSA, 99.6% rate of reduction in E. Coli.  NPBI uses electronic charge to create a plasma field of ions. These ions attach to particles, pathogens, and gases. The ions create a substance that can be filtered out of the air. We have taken a filtration technology that has been used in top hospitals, the white house and more and converted it to be used on vehicles. This technology does not use harmful chemicals unlike current methods being utilized that have been linked to lung disease. There are no dangerous lights or foggers, it is a filtration system attached to a buses current A/C or fan unit. 

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